Picture of David KaufmanAbout

The Beatles may have inspired David Kaufman (a.k.a. Mr. Beatle) to pursue a life of music-making but his career is distinguished more than anything by its astonishing range of creative activity. He's no one trick pony!

David’s musical journey began at the age of nine with a 10-hole harmonica. His sixth grade classroom recorded a vinyl album (“What Color is Love?”) of the kids singing multi-cultural songs of the day. At 13, he learned to read music and took up the trumpet, which he played in orchestra, jazz band, and marching band from junior high all the way through college.

David picked up a little piano here, a little bass there but, inevitably, it was David’s emerging talents as a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter that would become his main focus. Soon he was singing and strumming in all kinds of bands: original, top-40, oldies-but-goodies, country, and yes, Beatles tribute bands. He has performed throughout the United States, including high-profile Beatle gigs at the famous Greek Theatre in L.A. and the Pistons Palace in Detroit. He has also performed in Canada and Mexico.

David has delivered singing telegrams (with a range of characters including both Gorilla-Gram and Banana-Gram), acted in musical theater, entertained in more than 150 senior citizen facilities, spent four years playing music for pre-schools and daycare centers, and is a solo vocalist at least twice a month in churches.

David has written, recorded, and produced six CDs of his own original material and produced recordings for other artists as well. He has been a vocalist and guitarist on hundreds of sessions and done music transcriptions of over 6,000 songs by other artists.

David takes pride in nurturing the talents of other musicians as a patient and articulate guitar teacher and by hosting (since 2011) a singer/songwriter open mic night in Burbank.

If his musical career wasn't enough, David has also appeared in several independent films and written, performed, and produced three long-form, spoken-word shows. He has performed short-form comic/dramatic monologs at various storytelling venues, including Story Salon, for whom he composed a theme song.

Why is music important to David? “Every song is a unique nugget of energy.”